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Nepa UK offers high quality, benchmark-based, and user-friendly research products at the lowest market rates.

Follow your brand’s ‘Consumer Path’ using Brand Tracking
Ongoing Brand Tracking is the best way to measure your brand metrics and the effects of your marketing activity. Nepa’s high quality online data collection demonstrates your brand health and compares it to your competitors – each and every week.

Evaluate the performance of your advertising with our Campaign Survey
Our Campaign Surveys are designed to help show you why/why not your campaign has reached its goals. The results are compared to similar campaigns in our network and against your competitors, depending upon the criteria. This way, you can learn important lessons for your future activity. In addition, our N-emotion module is the market’s best tool to identify the emotional response generated by your individual pieces of creative.

Positioning and Affinity studies
BrandTouch is a strategic tool that compares your brand’s attributes and personality – seen from the consumers’ perspective – in relation to your competitors or to a media vehicle, identifying the character traits that most underpin this position. Through a BrandTouch survey you’ll discover what is most unique about the brand and what are its most recognised features. You can use this information to map your brand and select the right brand ambassador or media sponsorships – ones that reflect your current positioning or the one you desire for the future.

A bespoke survey to meet your needs

In a tough marketplace, the ability to discover what consumers like, think and want becomes a vital part of any brand’s marketing strategy. With a situation-specific study, Nepa helps you to develop a firmer basis for your strategy and with it increase your chances of making the right decision.

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Across our network, we measure more than 130 product categories in 30 different countries. We know how to best interrogate your ‘brand funnel’ and help you to better understand your brand's performance.

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2014-03-12 Nepa Global continues UK expansion.

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