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To evaluate a campaign both before and after it has run out is the most accurate way to ensure the best possible effect.

Nepa has developed a concise and affordable measurement model that in addition to evaluating the communication using the fundamental variables – attention, understanding, acceptance and breakthrough - also measures the campaign's emotional effects on the consumers.

The results are also compared with the average of the hundreds of campaign measurements Nepa conducts annually, making it possible to understand and learn where this campaign ranked, both good and bad.

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Research has shown that up to 90% of consumer decisions are based on emotion rather than rational arguments. Nepa has therefore developed an emotional map – N-emotion – as a supplement to campaign measurement to measure the emotional output of a campaign. This technique has been recognised by the IPA amongst others and featured in the trade press here and overseas.

Our customers for our Campaign Surveys include media owners offering them as sales incentives to new customers, advertisers wanting a more intuitive and cost-efficient measurement tool and consultants using them to evaluate their performance.

To learn more, contact us and we will be happy to meet and look a little closer at some examples.

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Campaign Surveys provide answers to the following:

  • What kind of ROI did the campaign generate?
  • How large was the target group that most noticed or liked the campaign?
  • How many people understood what we wanted to deliver in this campaign?
  • Did consumers like the campaign? What emotions did it trigger?
  • How good was my campaign compared to competitors' campaigns?

How does Nepa’s campaign measurement differ from others?

  • Emotional effects with N-emotion
  • Results in PowerPoint 10 working days after fieldwork is complete
  • Benchmarking of key variables
  • Lowest price

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Across our network, we measure more than 130 product categories in 30 different countries. We know how to best interrogate your ‘brand funnel’ and help you to better understand your brand's performance.

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