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Brand tracking enables you to, over time, create a continuous learning process. Each step in the communication process is evaluated and optimised – from investment, via the classic brand measurements, to sales.

Nepa’s brand tracking is delivered to the platform N-Visualize, which is the fastest and most user-friendly web tool on the market. Using this tool, you can investigate how your marketing activity affects your brand's key figures, perform ongoing analysis in different segments and quickly and efficiently build different reports and download them into your own formats – with just one click.

A Tracker can be adapted to suit virtually all advertisers who market through mainstream media. We sell direct to advertisers, or to their consultants and agencies, as you prefer.

Nepa’s brand tracker uses a high-quality ongoing collection method, employing an auto-stratified selection for all the brands within a category that is being monitored. The method is based on how consumers make decisions in the category and includes attention, intentions, preferences and behavioural variables.

Across the Nepa network, we follow over 130 categories every week. Continuous data collection will not only answer questions about here and now, but also enables analysis of historical trends and the advantage of learning from best practice and from past mistakes – both your own and that of your competitors’.


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A Tracker provides, among other, answers to the following:

  • Media investment impact on the brand
  • Relation of media spend to sales
  • The customer loyalty level
  • Your investment pattern in comparison with competitors and the consequences of this
  • Which target group is most efficiently targeted by brand

Nepa Brand Tracking – USP’s

  • Benchmark against your main competitors
  • Unique collection method, rewarded by ESOMAR
  • Weekly update with N-visualize
  • 4 day data turnaround
  • Lowest price

Market Coverage

Across our network, we measure more than 130 product categories in 30 different countries. We know how to best interrogate your ‘brand funnel’ and help you to better understand your brand's performance.

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